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Welcome to my blog!

Well actually, according to the dictionary it can’t really be classed as a blog since it is not “updated regularly.”  However, on the odd occasion that I do post something new, I hope it will be worth taking the time to read.  You’ll find various articles and studies on different biblical topics, most of which are papers that have been written as part of my undergraduate degree in theology.  There will no doubt be some who disagree with some, and maybe even most of the positions taken here.  But it’s my prayer that we may seek to build each other up and “not get stuck arguing about the recipe for making bread when the world is dying of starvation” (Spurgeon).  Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions, and may we each be empowered to share the everlasting gospel of Christ’s first coming, as well as His second, with those in our home, work place, country, and world.

Ben Reynolds

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